Tel Aviv, Israel - Yafo (Brunch at Ali Karavan)

Tel Aviv, Israel - Yafo (Brunch at Ali Karavan): 18 Aug, 2013 (9 miles)

The Lonely planet guide emphasizes that if you want to taste the real Hummus you have to visit Ali Karavan. To paraphrase them "If hummus is a religion then Ali Karavan is its Mecca".  Now the dilemma was when to go there. Turns out that Ali Karavan opens at 7 a.m. and closes by 2  p.m. or until the hummus is over :) So we had to wait for a weekend. Saturday was out as they are not open. So Sunday was our only choice. We headed out the the Jaffa port and then got a map at the information center and found Ali Karavan. The guide was right there was a long line in front of it. There are only 5 tables so at any given time it can seat only about 10-15 people. Forget privacy, there is no such thing if your table has 2 extra seats anybody can sit there. It was awesome. The guide was right. Our taxi driver Joseph had told us that we would love it, and we did! I usually skip lunch but boy I binged :) Then we meandered along some streets in Yafo and then headed back.