Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem, Israel: 10 Aug, 2013 (6 miles)

Joseph, was our taxi driver, who took us to Massada, the Dead Sea and then left us in Jerusalem. We stayed in a hotel called Star of Jerusalem (I think) just outside the New Gate of Old Jerusalem. We dumped our stuff in the room and headed into the old city. It was hot and crowded. We walked just about everywhere our feet could take us, where we were allowed to go and where the crowds let us have our way. It was chaos of sorts. We did not have anything particular in mind. Just meandered back and forth as the trail shows but enjoyed it nevertheless. Just as the sun was setting we were in the cemetery just outside the Dome of Rock looking at the magnificient view of the golden domes of the Church of Mary Magdalene in the Mount of Olives. I'll never forget the vivid colors of the dome. It was peaceful in the cemetery, except for us, tired souls.