Help the Homeless Walkathon, DC 20 November, 2010 (16 miles)

Help the Homeless Walkathon, DC 20 November, 2010 (16 miles): 20 Nov, 2010 (16 miles)

Our friend Gopal at Fannie Mae registered us for the Help the Homeless Walkathon. It is a 4 mile walk. Fannie Mae donates $40 for each registrant toward the Homeless. We started out around 7:00 and walked our way into DC for the walk. We were just in time at 9:00 when the registrations close and the walk begins. We walked the walk and then headed home along the mall. It was fun. At the end of the mall on Constitution Ave we saw a trail that takes you to the Roosevelt Memorial Bridge. There is a clear bike path on the East side of the bridge. So we crossed it. Three quarters of the way through there is a sign saying that the trail ends here! We were not up to retracing our path so we plodded into Virginia jumped fences jay walked across G W Parkway and some how got on the Mt Vernon trail North. It was great. We stopped at a coffee shop for some food and coffee then headed home. A lovely morning with the temperature in the 60s. Here are some images.